Rates and Packages

Single Sessions

Both DreamWork and Spiritual Counseling sessions are 90 minutes:

Investment: $250

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Intensive Support in Times of Transition and Transformation: One Month of Support

This one-month package includes ten hours of phone consultation and support over email and text. I’ve crafted this offering for those going through a time of upheaval and self-discovery.

Essentially, I am your on-call Spiritual Counselor who can help you glean wisdom from your dreams, sit with the unanswerable questions, and make grounded decisions that will help you navigate this challenging time.

You can use your time with me according to your own needs, but most often it looks like:

  • four “deep dive sessions” – 90 minutes each
  • four “check in calls” – 30 minutes each
  • email correspondence including detailed responses to any dreams you might write down and share with me

Investment: $1750

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A Companion on the Journey: Three Months of Spiritual Counseling and DreamWork

There’s much we can discuss and uncover in just a single session, but really, both DreamWork and Spiritual Counseling are part of your ongoing unfolding. I would be honored to support you over a period of three months so we can keep the healing and deeper conversation going, and continue to cover more territory for your healing changes and enriched life.

This three-month package includes:

  • two 90-minute phone sessions per month (a total of 8)
  • email support throughout the duration of the journey

Investment: $2250

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