DreamWork is Healing Medicine for the Healer’s Soul

As a healer, you know dreams can be powerful.

You know what it’s like to feel shaky over your morning coffee because of the crazy, sexy, gruesome, otherworldly dream you had the night before. And, you’ve likely noticed how frightening or poignant dreams tend to affect your clients.

As you try not to take those dreams too literally (you read somewhere that death doesn’t really mean death, and sex doesn’t necessarily indicate erotic desire), you often write off your dreams as mere quirks of the mind.   

And so, you shake off the nighttime cobwebs and move into your day – caring for others’ needs, worrying over the headlines, and trying to make a little room for self-care here and there. With eyes wide open, you seek the insights and the energy you need to move through another day.

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Dreams Are Portals into the Unconscious. Dreams are where deep healing happens.

What if I told you that you have all of the answers you need within? What if I reminded you that your inner world contains all of the information you need to heal yourself, support loved ones and clients, and to connect with your greater purpose?

You have the answers you need within your own unconscious.

Yes, I am talking about recognizing the power of your own dreams. 

DreamWork: A Path to Health and Wholenessroyce fitts

For two million years, humans have dreamed. Certainly, our ancestors worried over nightmares and the much of the rest of the middle of the night fantasia, but they have also used their dreams to know themselves and to strengthen community.

As a Projective DreamWorker, it’s my privilege to sit with individuals and groups and be immersed in the true power and potential of dreams. After years of personal and professional practice, this is what I know for sure:

  • Even the dreams that make you squirm or wake with fear are actually in service to your growth and evolution.
  • Dreams always address all levels of our being: emotional, spiritual, physical and relational
  • An individual dream actually changes the wider world.

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What if you had a dream and it changed your life forever?



What does an individual DreamWork session look like?

DreamWork, as I practice and experience it, honors both ancient and modern cultural beliefs about dreams. It draws from current psychological theories and it is always designed to support the dreamer with gentle, non-judgmental respect.

Either in person or in a long-distance video session, we wonder and wander through your dreamworld together and uncover the meanings of your dreams.

Through this inner exploration, you begin to understand that your dreams open you to a limitless inner library of insights, symbols, and healing. You’ll see how traumatic dreams are the inner self’s way of leading you to reconciliation and tranquility. You’ll learn how dreams of death and dying so often guide you toward rebirth and the release of new energy.

When you enter this very personal DreamWork process you’re actually creating ripples of healing that can be felt by your loved ones, your clients, and the wider world. As you understand your unconscious world you are more able to create change in your everyday reality.

Just as one dream allows you to access your unconscious, it also enables you to access the Collective Unconscious.  When one person increases their sense of self-knowledge and peace, everyone around them must respond.

Individual and multi-session packages are available.

Let’s start with a free 20-minute consultation to see if DreamWork is right for you.

Learn more about Projective DreamWork

For more information about healing through your dreams, here are some articles I have written. Enjoy! Feedback, questions, and reflections welcome!

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My dream mentor and friend, Jeremy Taylor (www.jeremytaylor.com) offers these articles for us to use as we explore dreams: 

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Let’s begin together. Let’s sit together either in person or virtually, and make space for your healing and renewal.  We will explore your dreamscape and the garden of your spirit in order to restore you. What greater adventure and beauty is there, then to heal?

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