Are you...


 a healer in need of healing?


Are you...

 needing open-hearted spiritual support?


Are you...


losing your sense of purpose and meaning?



You’re a healer in need of healing

You’re following your calling and dedicating your life to the service of others. The work is so rewarding, but you tend to give and give until you push yourself to your emotional, physical, and spiritual limits. And then, you try to give some more.

Lately, you’ve realized that you’re not experiencing as much joy in your personal or professional life. Sometimes, you wonder if you’re doing your best work.

As you drain your own well, deplete your inner resources, and keep pushing through, you end up with classic symptoms of burnout, exhaustion, and disconnection.

You watch your own process and get frustrated by how you handle (or don’t handle!) your own spiritual and self-care needs. After all, you should know how to care for and heal yourself (or so you think).

In truth, healing is seldom a solitary task. Even with all of your wisdom and experience (or, perhaps, because of it?) you need someone who can walk beside you on this adventure into your own spirit, across the terrain of dreams, and through this landscape of suffering.

I’m Dr. Royce Fitts, a Spiritual Counselor, a DreamWorker, and an ordained minister with decades of experience as a psychotherapist. To express the fullness of who I am and how I experience the world, I would say I am an atheist-agnostic-believer-dreamer.

I am on a mission to help healers like you deepen your own healing process and, in turn, do the work of caring for others.

We live in a wounded world and we yearn to “be the change we wish to see.” The answers we seek are found through our individual expressions of spirituality and in the unconscious processes that come through the gifts of our nighttime dreams.  I’m here to be your guide along those paths.


What if you had a Dream and it changed your life forever?

What if I told you that you have all of the answers you need within? What if I reminded you that your internal world contains all of the information you need to heal yourself and to connect with your greater purpose?

You have the answers you need within your own unconscious. You can access this gracious, rich, mysterious realm through every nighttime dream.

As a seasoned psychotherapist and certified DreamWorker, I am passionate about how dreams can help you heal. Learn about how a projective DreamWork session can help you unlock your wisdom.

Spiritual Counseling

Are you exhausted, experiencing burnout, depression or anxiety in your soul?

As healers, in our personal or professional lives, loss of meaning or purpose, isolation, heartbreak, burnout, anguish, confusion, mid or later life crisis can rise to overwhelming proportions.

Your crisis is the calling to grow, heal and change.

I offer expert therapeutic support, consultation, and coaching. My work encompasses deep spiritual reflection, compassion, and challenge, as you experience restoration and growth.

So much of inner territory we explore through DreamWork and Spiritual Counseling seems impossible to describe and harness into language. There is an “Olde English” phrase I love: “that which is not yet speech ripe.” It refers to this strange inner world which we now call the “unconscious.” 

Together, we can make space for everything that feels too hard to say. We wonder and wander and ask these shadowed, unknown parts of you to reveal themselves for what they are – allies in the healing journey.